Fulness was a live streaming fitness platform consisting of a mobile app and a client dashboard. I designed both from the ground up.


Users wanted a way to find and stream live and on-demand workout classes from their favorite gyms.

The iOS app provided a way to discover classes, gyms, and trainers, stream workouts, and keep track of their fitness goals.

A smart onboarding tool customized recommendations for new users, while the discovery feature allowed users to find new workouts by style, by creator, or by date and time.
The user profile included a calendar of scheduled classes, so users could easily stick to a fitness regimen.

Beyond the potential for revenue from paid video streaming, workout detail pages also included a way for users to purchase relevant required fitness equipment.

partner dashboard

The Fulness content strategy was to approach private gyms and boutique fitness studios directly, and help them set up a livestreaming presence, with the offer of a revenue share.

In order to facilitate the publishing process, I created a partner dashboard.

Partners could not only schedule and publish livestreams and VOD workouts, but manage trainers, and keep track of viewership analytics.