madison square garden

Visitors to Madison Square Garden and the other MSG venues had a notoriously hard time finding their way around. Not only are Radio City Music Hall and the MSG arena massive spaces, but a typical event leaves little time to leave one's seat to find a bathroom or concession stand. I wanted to make sure visitors could quickly and confidently navigate to the nearest amenities and MSG's confusing flat charts were not helping.

My solution was a collection of interactive, layered, true to scale seatmaps. Each map can be zoomed and clicked for more detail. Balconies and mezzanines can be toggled on and off, to show their true location in relation to the court/stage (this one was particularly helpful for the Chase Sky Bridge).

Separate seating layouts are also able to be toggled, to accurately show available seating for hockey, basketball, music, and bull riding. Plus, clicking each section of the MSG map reveals an in-seat view, painstakingly art directed section by section by yours truly.